Why You Need More Than Just a Logo


The value in your business isn't found in what you're selling, it's found in the fact that you are the one selling it. What makes you different? Most consumers aren't able to analyze the differences between you and your competitors - and you could very well be selling the same solutions or services. The only difference? You. Your story and your chance to tell it - your brand. 

When you tell your story, you create a connection beyond what you sell and create a relationship; giving people a reason to follow you even if they don’t need your solutions or services! Creating a connection between what you do and who you are is crucial in standing out amongst the oversaturated crowd. 

Most people think a logo is a brand in itself, but there's more to it. A logo is "a combination of text and visual imagery that serves two purposes. It tells people the name of the company and it creates a visual symbol that represents your business." Everyone undeniably needs a logo. This does create a connection, but you want to continuously attract the right customers, users, readers to establish a longstanding relationship. A brand identity assists in telling your story, where all of the non-visual aspects can't, creating an authentic experience your audience will remember.

If you want to truly take your business to the next level and create a visual identity that will be able to grow with you over time and build relationships, you need a brand story.

Telling Your Best Story

What's the story you want to tell? Starting with some simple questions will bring you to an overall aesthetic in searching for your brand inspiration. Are there symbols, colors, shapes that best describe your brand or resonate with you? You don't need an entire infographic to show what you do - you want to create a brand that generates a thought, emotion or feeling. Here's the best part - it only takes a little to show a lot. Simplicity in brand design is timeless.

1. What's your business vision and mission?

2. What drives my business?

3. What services or solutions am I offering?

4. Who is my audience? What are their characteristics?

5. What makes my business stand out?


TLDR: A brand story is the core of your business. A compelling brand has to create memorable connections or a different experience in order to set itself apart. Your brand is more than logos, color palettes, imagery and fonts, it's creating trust with your audience and helps convey your overall message..establishing you as an expert in whatever it is you do and giving you a chance to be remembered. Might as well make this experience memorable.

Kelsey Cruikshank